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ACT Coaching
in Fort Mill & Virtually

1:1 Holistic Behavior Analysis for Young Adults

Are you getting stuck scrolling through tiktok avoiding your responsibilities and thoughts?

Life is not always easy, especially when you are stuck in a negative thought pattern or perception of yourself. It can turn into procrastination, avoidance of responsibilities, and creating habits that are not helping you achieve your goals. It can be hard to break those habits and negative thought patterns. 

We are here to help support you and create an action plan utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), utilizing the principles of Clinical Behavior Analysis (CBA) to help you create positive habits and thought patterns; helping you use your values to guide your life and goals. 

We take one step at a time, creating small, attainable goals that will help you foster a positive relationship with yourself and others, and to achieve your long-term goals. Consistency is key; it can take time before a practice becomes a habit. 

What is holding you back? Are those negative thoughts or patterns of behavior taking over? YOU have the ability and power to control the actions you set into place for yourself. Let's work together to help you create the life you have always dreamed of! 

Service options 

  • Fort Mill, SC Office

  • Virtually 


  • Improved understanding of self and values. 

  • Improved social relationships with peers.

  • Increased flexibility and acceptance.

  • Increased ability to let go of what is unhelpful and create positive change. 

  • Increased focus, self-management, time management.

ACT Coaching, Hollistic Behavior Analysis.

ACT Hexaflex




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have never done therapy before, will this work for me? 

If you prefer an interactive approach and focusing on skill building and analysis, then this treatment may work for you! 

Do you diagnose? 

No, we do not diagnose. We will refer to local providers for psychological evaluations if we see signs of specific diagnoses.  

Do you take insurance?

We are credentialed with some third-party payers. However, this does not guarantee services will be covered. We can verify your insurance benefits before we get started!

How to get started? 

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!  It is important to us to ensure we are the right fit for your needs. 

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