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Is your child experiencing behavioral concerns that are significantly impacting their life? Do their need additional support in developing their skill set? 

Experiencing parenting challenges and feeling overwhelmed? Uncertain about effective parenting techniques and looking to break away from the way you were parents in your own childhood? 


Do you find yourself wishing that all the goals you've set could become a reality? Do you desire to overcome the thoughts that often hold you back from taking action? 

Are you a BCBA/ BCaBA looking for guidance as you embark on your journey as a Behavior Analyst? Are you looking to expand on your scope of competency? Would you like to learn strategies on incorporating assent-based and neurodiverse affirming treatment in your practice? 


Are you worried about your child's behaviors but are feeling unsure about how to begin addressing it? Are you seeking assitance in analyzing your child's behavior and creating an action plan? 

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