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"An escalated adult cannot regulate a dysregulated child."


Parent Coaching

Are you struggling with your child's behavior? Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing is working? Do you feel like you need some guidance on how to effectively respond to your child's behavior?

It can be hard learning how to navigate parenthood... maybe not wanting to parent the same way you were parented as a child. There is no one-size-fits-all for parenting, BUT the more we can focus on positive parenting techniques... teaching our children what TO do, versus what NOT to do... the stronger quality of life we can build for ourselves and our children. 

Each family and family dynamic is unique. Together we look at your values, parenting style, what has worked, what is not working, and your goals. I will help coach you through positive parenting strategies that may work best for your family style by incorporating individual and family values. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies are used to teach positive reinforcement strategies, in place of punishment strategies, and increase positive connection with your child, and while decreasing your frustrations with your child's behavior(s). 

We can focus on the following:

  • Strategies on how to effectively respond to your child's behavior.

  • How to effectively teach your child. 

  • How to decrease your stress as a parent. 

  • Time management skills and building a routine. 

  • How to navigate the difficult moments, transitions, etc. 

  • Strategies to help a child navigate through life with divorced parents.  

  • Any other topic you may need in order to better your quality of life. 


I am here to help you foster a positive and meaningful relationship with your family and help improve your quality of life!

Positive Parenting

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