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Do you offer intensive ABA therapy services?

We do not offer intensive ABA therapy services. Intensive ABA therapy services are generally 20+ hours per week. We refer to local providers for intensive ABA therapy.

Do you take insurance?

  • We are In-Network with BCBS SC for 1:1 Behavior Analysis and Parent Coaching services. Services are generally covered if the child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. 

  • We are Out-of-Network for all other insurances. 

  • ACT coaching and Mentorship are Private Pay services. 

Why do you require parent coaching for children & adolescents?

Parenting is an essential part in the long-term behavior-change success. Parent participation is required to help build strong rapport and understanding between the child/ adolescent in their parents, targeting skill building together that will be most effective in the home setting. 

We do understand that there are single-parent or divorced families, where one parent may not want to participate in treatment or may not have contact to participate in treatment. We strive to meet each family where they are at, while honoring family values and dynamics. 

How do you differ from traditional counseling or talk therapy? 

Our sessions are Blossom Behavioral Solutions, LLC, are highly interactive and focused on skill building. Each session is individualized to meet each client's needs, which may vary week to week. Our sessions include idenitfying difficult situations that may have arose throughout the week, while also targeting increased flexibility with language and perception and practicing skills to move forward. We address any internal events (e.g. negative thoughts, feelings, emotions) and how they may impact our behaviors. 

My child does not have a diagnosis, will I still benefit from 1:1 Holistic Behavior Analysis services?

Absolutely! If you are looking behavior support and to understand how you or your child's  thoughts and feelings may be influence your actions, 1:1 services may be beneficial for you. Together we work on analyzing variables and building skills to you succeed in achieving your goals.

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